Sunday, 29 April 2007

tv series addict

1. Heroes
3. CSI Miami
4. CSI Las Vegas
5. Bones
6. Still Standing
7. Hannah Montana
8. Suite Life of Zack and Cody
9. Supernatural
10. Hex

7 days a week, in rotation, those shows will always fill my nightlife at home, while typing my bachelor thesis. Can't stop discussing about Heroes and everything that happened on it with Githa and Bowo. While, kind of disappointed that Zach on Heroes is actually a gay... too bad, he's so cute! *laaah* One thing I love about Heroes is when Claire found out her birth mom. She's a pyrokinetic person. She doesn't even need a lighter to lit up her cigarette. It turned out that Claire is the daughter of Meredith and..... Oops... can't spoil it here! You just have to watch... The first season of Heroes isn't finish yet. But the second season is ready for airing. Can't wait for that one! ;)

Next up in May.... looking forward for BONES. I have been in love with human osteology since the first time I sat on the class of Human Osteology 101. In included it into my bachelor thesis for a little extra information on the human burial. But, forensic archaeology is another thing that interests me other than palaeopathology. Wanting to do that too. David Boreanaz (from Angel) plays on this new series, and I am so looking forward for it. Scientifically speaking! ;) Science is also the reason why I watch CSI series. Just loooove the bodies and the gadgets they're using.

Ah, well... What's your favorite TV series?