new look.
written on Sunday, 27 May 2007 @ 9:20 am
there are good news and bad news. but i'm gonna break down the good news first.

1. i've afforded a new look on this blog! i hope you like it. i know i do. *from lien- hush*
2. kerstin is coming on June 9th and she's going to stay at my place for a couple of days!
3. I've managed to arrange some hiking trip with some friends for 12th of June and THAT'S including Kerstin on it.

onto the bad news:
1. I've come to my senses that i wouldnt push anything right up to the wall anymore. Meaning, i'm trying fuckingly hard to be much more realistic about NOT graduating this semester. It seemed like the world doesnt revolve around me much lately. I tried to take it with huge heart and open mind. Maybe this just wasnt my time to push anybody elses like I've pushed them before. Maybe it's myself that should be pushed hard.

So, i guess that's about it.
i might be posting when Kerstin's here sitting next to my computer desk. *from lien- hush*

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