Sunday, 27 May 2007

nongkrong pake seni.

NONGPANI also known as NONGKRONG PAKE SENI is one of KAMA's tradition on gathering. On this event, everybody round up with food, jokes, gossips, and performances. The latest Nongpani has been held on May 12th, 2007 and I've developed some pictures from the event.

nongpani 2007, the hosts nothing special occured in this year's Nongpani. Just an ordinary night gathering with food, yeah food, and nothing but food. The event started at 5 pm onwards. IT was opened with the hosts garbaging out in order to entertain the "hungry" audience. Our hosts of the night's show were Widma and Nanda of Archaeology 2005. They also sing on their band's performance. More precisely singing Widma's heart out.

This picture is a lovely one of my close friends. It's been 5 years together,
through ups and downs, and yes! we're still together. Maintaining a friendship is harder than maintaining a romantic relationship. Curma has graduated last year, while the rest of us are still struggling on finding our way out of Archaeology. *laughs*

Well,, everybody's stuffed, havin a lot of fun [in they own terms], stoned, and satisfied. I just hope next year's event of Nongpani would be even better than this year's.

nongpani 2007