last day in salatiga.
written on Tuesday, 26 June 2007 @ 5:41 am
finally, moving to another town.
Salatiga is quiet and peaceful but sometimes it can be TOO quiet and TOO peaceful. This afternoon, me and Kerstin will get on our bus to take us to Yogyakarta, another town for this week.

There in Yogya, I might have to download my pictures and put them in a CD. Then make an entry about that too, well... plenty of things to do.

As a conclusion of Salatiga: this morning I had a breakfast in a quiet restaurant - where it was only me as a customer, and then had two cigarettes - which i seldomly done here, because people has certain way on looking at the women smokers. Very comfortable way on spending my time alone. Yesterday I managed to stayed at the house, renting 15 comic books, eating nasi goreng for lunch, with a can of cold Coke, and then twister for my dessert. That was very accomplishing! *laughs* Not much to be done here in Salatiga, my five days visit was probably enough for me to know what's there to do and NOT to do.

Salatiga got a lot of cozy and comfortable cafes here, such as: Lekker Cafe and some other cafe on the garden that I visited last night. They got delicious steaks. The other cafe nearby the kos-kosan is rather SLOW on service, so I don't prefer to go there. Although, the restaurant next to it had a marvellous NASI GORENG. *smiles*

Surya had just sms me and let me know that he's already in Bali. Probably waiting for us to come over there. Ah, how nice! :) Bali and Lombok, will be our other destinations. I am so looking forward to it. :)

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