sixth visit to Baduy.
written on Tuesday, 19 June 2007 @ 5:59 pm
i just come back from visiting the family whom i already thought as my family in Baduy village. Most people think it is so hard to get there, that's why I feel so lucky for being in Archaeology and to have been introduced to one of the most friendly Kanekes people.

There's something different this time, Kerstin was going with me and Githa to Baduy. She had been wanting to go here when I told her the stories of Baduy's view and way of life. Well, her wish has come true. She loved the place and i know that she doesn't even want to leave the village. *grins*

on the way to Baduy tenunbaduy starting the hike sungi nyengir

tomorrow's another day. I've packed my bag for a 3 weeks journey before coming home to jakarta again and then continue another week of another journey. Tomorrow I will leave jakarta to Semarang and travel by train. I know that the train will be much more different than the one i hopped on to get to Rangkasbitung. *laughs*

i promise to write MORE. :)

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