Counting The Days
written on Monday, 9 July 2007 @ 2:51 pm
counting the days before i go back home. today we went to the Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana a.k.a. Monkey Forest Sacred Sanctuary. *haha*

It was fun to watch all the monkeys there, one of them even grabbed my skirt and tugged on it for a while, as if he wanted to come home with me. They were cute as stuffed animals. Too bad that it wasn't allowed to touch them. Most tourists feed them with the bananas. And the most incredible thing today was to meet Meneer Robbie and his family again. We met them in Bromo about earlier this week, and left the hotel on the same day, even though that we didn't hopped on the same bus to Denpasar. It was so funny to meet someone you know in another place. It seemed like Indonesia is a small country. And I think Kerstin will probably meet them again when she's in Lombok.

Surya wasn't at his best mood to walk around right now. Some assortments of things had been bothering him for the past days. Surely I can't say it here. *lol*
But I hope that wouldn't bring the atmosphere down. I really want to make the best of my vacation and hoping that he'd think the same way -although- it's probably hard to do.

After lunch, we managed to reach Pura Tanah Lot, even though it was already closed when we got there. But we also managed to watch the sunset on the beach there. It was beautiful. We met this Swedish girl named Jillian and i think she's a very nice person to talk and hang out with. The third person who said that my accent was so American on this trip. *grrr*

Tomorrow??! I dont know....

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