Saturday, 7 July 2007

bali finally!

finally in bali after all these weeks. i've been wanting to visit this place and see a friend of mine who's living here.

it was quite an experience to get to Bali from Probolinggo, which it was something that i dont want to talk about anymore.
But, after all, I am here in Bali to enjoy myself and enjoy everything that Bali has to offer.

I decided to go back home on 12th of July - earlier than I planned to and Kerstin would have to travel alone to Lombok and all the way back.
and after going back home, i dont think I would be able to travel until next year because i have to finish my bachelor -shitty- thesis. But well, that's my obligation to do,
so i dont regret it much. After that I can travel again, maybe even further than I had been now.

I wont be able to post more often now, because I think Surya had planned a lot for me to see and I wouldn't find a place for being online.
So, I would post everything when I'm home in 5 more days. :)