beautiful today.
written on Sunday, 8 July 2007 @ 2:25 pm
oh, it was so beautiful today...
still i wonder which kind of paint did God use to paint the whole sky of Bali.
It all looked so different and I am so amazed by all of that. Today we went to Goa Gajah, Pura Gunung Kawi, and eat lunch+dinner at Bali Buddha Cafe, which I love most because they all have this purple walls and pillows on the chairs. I love the place, since it was also not too expensive.

Walking around all the sites i've been paying attention to in the class about 4 years ago, it feels like coming back on the class. Sitting on my chair, watching Mas Agus explained everything about the sites with his fabulous picture slides.
Now, I'm here, by myself - and friends - also looking at the REAL thing - not a picture slide - and NO mas Agus to tell me what it was about. I tried my brain so hard to remember everything that he had taught me 4 years ago. I can still remember the vivid and the blurry sides of it. Though, right now, I can take as many pictures as I want. And I did. I loved it. Surya got the calling to pray on Gunung Kawi for a while, and me and Kerstin had to wait while he's praying. Now, I seldomly see that one. *laughs*

Tomorrow's another day and we already had another plans to go with along the way. So far, I really enjoyed myself and my mutual times here in Bali. I might go back here again next year, with a plane ticket for round trip! Surely that would do me more free time to go around and stuff. I wanted to see the dances they have in the temples, but with all the plans that we've made, I dont think I can find the time for doing that. Oh well, I can still always come back and rent a car for myself to go around the island. That's easier than just being driven by Surya all the time. I just don't want to bore him out and tie him up with all the schedules too.
So, probably the next time I'm here, I will just have to rent a car. It's not that expensive for a day. Not like in Jogjakarta.

Oh well... that's it for the update today... I've found a cheaper internet cafe around here.... so, meanwhile everybody else has to pay for 12000 or 22000 per hour, I'm only paying 6000 per hour. So that's nice!


bromo in the morning yoschi's hotel, bromo Ngaben, Tabanan frangipani ubud, gianyar another ricefields gunung kawi

frangipani again ubud's ricefields goa gajah

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