written on Wednesday, 18 July 2007 @ 5:49 am
It's weird to have people working on the field while I'm taking my time resting in the house. My parents are working on the garage one more time, and they hired these people whose working under the sun, fixing the garage and all. These moments made me remember that I was the one who usually also worked under the sun and lovin every moment of it.

Sun has been a part of my life -it's up to you on how to interpret my sentence. I've been on the coldest part and I've been to the shinniest part of town in Indonesia. I don't prefer sun or warm or cold or ice. I've been taught to ACCEPT any kind of situation and any kind of circumstances. I can't complain on no hot shower, no proper toilet, no proper bedsheet, or no bed at all. I have been trained not to complain things and accept it the way it is. These trainings I've been through for five years [and counting] have taught me to generate a new motto "luxury is not a must, but if it's provided I should make the most of it."

Most of the times, I am proud of all the results from the "trainings". Some times, I do miss the luxury -or maybe not LUXURY, but a PROPER things. But, yeah... this is the life line I have chosen. I had to accept it, and hoping things will go along all the way.

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