Wednesday, 1 August 2007

...and the deathly hallows

I have been a little teensy bitty disappointed by mass murder happening in wizarding world of Harry Potter's seventh book. It's not that I want to kill the fun of J.K. Rowling on killing off characters on her book. I'm an amateur writer -I shall know the pleasure of killing off characters- did that all the times.
The first death was Hedwig's and believe it or not: I cried! The death wasn't even heroic as I had secretly imagined if Hedwig must die. The second time I cried over the deaths on the book was Dobby's. I love Dobby as much as I despise Kreacher, the Elf. The saddest part is that my favorite character killed Dobby! Bellatrix killed him.... that poor elf.

Rumour has it, that probably Harry's gonna die, too. I am 50 pages away from the end of the book and not really pleased for the deaths during the last 100 pages. Even Snape was pushing up daisies! I was enjoying my reading and was waiting for Ron to take up the chance to finally kiss Hermione. Which he didn't do it, until page 561 [which I am now reading].

Well, think I'm gonna finish it now. Today.