Sunday, 30 September 2007

october's overview

On the 1st, don't forget that in life, many, many things are up to you. Sure, there are plenty of things you can't control, like the weather and the traffic. But you can absolutely have a say in how you respond to the things you can't control. Do you curse and feel rotten because you're stuck in traffic in the rain?

Or do you breathe deeply, admire Mother Nature's power, and take advantage of the extra time to yourself in the car? Maybe put on a classical music CD and ponder the meaning of the universe? It's up to you, of course! But it's not a bad idea to stay positive, you know? On the 5th, it looks very much like there's some serious travel in store for you. Are you rafting down the Amazon? Or traipsing through Paris? Whatever it is -- and wherever -- enjoy it! On the 10th, you get a timely reminder of how much your friends love you (maybe in the form of a welcome-home dinner?). By the 15th, things couldn't be going better. Ride the wave of all this good energy with as much delight as you possibly can. On the 20th, it's a great day to meet somebody new, and on the 25th and 26th, get outside and flex your healthy, active muscles! On the 31st, you end the month with yet another exotic travel prospect. Great!