postcards fever
written on Wednesday, 26 September 2007 @ 1:09 pm
My life lately have been filled with postcards and postcards and thesis. *lol* I was so busy in front of my computer, going to the post office, and to the bookstore in order to keep up with my postcards need.
I am a proud member of which provides profiles for people all around the world who's also into trading postcards. By being an amateur deltiologist, I can see the world from all the pictures and the postcards that I received everyday.

So far, here's my stats:

12 postcards sent
sent to arrived on
sophiejune Jun 23, 2007
RichardB Jul 14, 2007
totokima Jul 17, 2007
Delfinette Jul 31, 2007
printsess Aug 8, 2007
erosagape Aug 8, 2007
Scampis05 Aug 8, 2007
fader Aug 15, 2007
elska Aug 24, 2007
estrellita Aug 25, 2007
flag caveman72 Aug 27, 2007
flag Ula Sep 14, 2007
Distance: 137147 Km

13 postcards received
sender received on
Ritu Jul 21, 2007
dyc0731 Jul 25, 2007
valdagua Jul 27, 2007
Karoliina Aug 15, 2007
Tanja1 Aug 15, 2007
yvi Aug 25, 2007
afewstepsback Aug 30, 2007
sktour Sep 1, 2007
martine Sep 11, 2007
NittanyLions Sep 11, 2007
gourmande Sep 12, 2007
rowe26cats Sep 15, 2007
seals_life Sep 24, 2007
Distance: 133558 Km

Meanwhile, from being active in the itself, gained me a total number of 300+ postcards in my shoebox. *yaaaY* I'm planning to get some albums to arrange my postcards into it. Because I know that the number is increasing ever so highly each day.

Yes, I do have problems...
1. LOST CARDS -- that is the hardest problem EVER! Because the ethic is to RESEND every cards that's lost. *frown* So, next time... I have to be SURE that I put the *AIRMAIL* sign on the cards.
2. OUT OF STOCK -- Well... this is normal... though it means that I have to pay a visit to a bookstore which provides me with 2 whole stacks of Indonesian postcards and also getting the weird face from the girl who sits on the cashier machine.. "what is this girl doing with a whole bunch of postcards she bought every month??!?!" is probably what that girl is thinking about.
3. MONEY FLOW -- this is when my financial hit rock bottom when I spent a little bit TOO MANY on stamps. *laughs*

it is FUN to collect postcards.
If you wanna check out my collections you can browse around here and enjoy the power of traveling through postcards. :)

I remember being so crazy -jumping up and down- to see postcard stacks along the Roemer in Frankfurt and end up buying 15 postcards or more during my trip around Germany... and also end up adding more kilos to my backpack when I checked in to the baggage area in the airport. *smiles* But, its all worth it. I love postcards and will continue to collect postcards - and probably will tell my children how collecting postcards is far more better than playing video games non-stop. *winks*

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