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written on Monday, 10 December 2007 @ 7:03 pm
I've been watching Discovery Travel and Living since years ago. Today, I watched in again like hundreds times before and I began to wonder what is my traveling style? Well, I'm a person who can go under budget, perfect budget, or even over budget. I took simplicity and luxury at its most.

TRANSPORTATION: While some people are afraid of flying with planes, I found it much more comfortable and time-saving way of transportation. Imagine, reaching Bali for only 1 and half hour, rather than sitting on a crowded bus and took 9 hours from Probolinggo, not to mention all the harassments that occurred along the way. But! Truck is also one of my favorite transportation. It's cost-saving and fun just to get the wind on my hair. I can only compromise with trains abroad. In Indonesia, I must have the business class. However, if I travel in group or with guys, I can handle "usual" intercity trains - in Indonesia... I have certain fear of harassments with those trains.

ACCOMODATION: A tent, a decent room, a mat, or a king size bed would definitely do me just fine. I've been trained and taught so. What I really need is a blanket and no lights. I have no problems with bathroom outside the room. Inexpensive rooms are most welcomed!

FOOD: Anything but bizarre and vegetables involving. Egg is a must, but pasta is absolutely optional. So is rice. Potato is fine, but EGG is a must. Drinks? Whatever. Mineral water to Cola.

AFTERNOON DELIGHTS: SHOPPING! When not traveling to a secluded space, I like to wander around the tourist spot, find a nice cafe to sit on and read a book or Leute beobachten, or walking along the shopping district to satisfy my hunger for shopping.

INDULGENCE: Massage! My back got certain illness, which needs constant massages every once in a while.

NIGHT LIFE: Cafe is tolerable, but discotheque and clubs are avoidable. I dont really like loud thumping house music. I consider that as stupid music, no offense. Jazz cafe is considerable, pizzeria is welcomed!! *smiles* I also like to take the time to write on my journal just before I go to bed, to end the day.

CAMERA LIFE: along the ways, I would always find an object to be the target of my camera. From museum to human activities, from pets to food. I love chasing sunsets and sunrise wherever I am. Satisfactory point is high on this one. Flowers is my other favorite object. And kids!

So that's pretty much sums it up! :)

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