Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Dinda, me, and her sister just got back from planning our outing trip to Bali and Lombok and Jogja on July. I am so excited about this! I really need to get out of this sinkhole.
So we did planned a two week vacation out of the hecticness of Jakarta which fed me up lately - driving throug bumper to bumper traffic jams, etc. We're heading to the beaaaaaches!!! Yeaaah!! I am so excited I could pack my bag right now. Hahaha...
So many things I wanna do and see - yeah! and my camera also needs various kinds of objects to satisfy its hunger. :)

Of course, i will be posting my trips here, for those who'd like to read it. Well, overall it's for me though.. *hehe* I wouldn't have troubles finding an internet cafe with good connections - maybe not when I am in Lombok - it means a week without gadgets! Yeah!!! Silence and tranquility..... I'm coming to get you!!!!!! *menerawaaaang*