Monday, 9 June 2008

up and coming vacation

Great news!!
I think the trip to the eastern side of my country is absolutely fixed! I've managed to book some hostels for our stay in Bali and even though Dinda got some difficulties on booking hostels in Lombok, I am having a good feeling for it.

I am so excited! It has been a year since my last backpacking trip, and this year, I am doing it again! And this time, I'm stepping my feet in Lombok, no matter what?! I got no thesis, no appointments that would keep me away from Lombok. Yeah! Beaches, here I come!!! :)

I've been saving up money (unless for buying Kathy Reichs' latest book) for this trip - and both Dinda and I managed to find some fast cash job to add some amounts for our shopping-needs during the trip...

Cant wait writing from Bali or Lombok - like last year! :)