Wednesday, 25 February 2009

postcard addiction

its been a while i didnt rant here.
i just realised that everyday i can send up to 10 postcards and 2 letters! wow...
of course, i have budget, but everytime its never get to the limit of my postcard trading budget, which makes me happy! anyways, i am running out of cards now.. some of the cards in my online album had been reserved to be sent to some people and i am also running out of sheffield's cards. from lien- hush so, maybe tomorrow, i will go to a little postcard shopping trip to that favorite shops, such as Sheffield Scene and WHS Smith, and maybe also to Clinton Cards. Finally, i no longer have to worry about fancy postcards, i mean, i dont have to go to Meadowhall for those kind of cards, the Student Union Shop has a whole lot of cute postcards!
I've been meaning to take advantages of the situation where post office is only a block away from my campus, stamps are within reach and simply priced (50p - europe, 56p - outside europe), and i just love the range of postcards that they sell in Sheffield. I noticed (also) that during my 6 months of staying here, Sheffield has managed to issue about 2-4 new series of postcards. Not to mention the cute stamps of Darwin edition and Robert Burns' edition too. Love ThEM! and the 1st class stamps are also cute.. no no no.. not that boring ones. from lien- hush

so, i am going to enjoy my postcard trading activity under the flag of Union Jack (in postcrossing & forum) as much as I can, and as long as I stay here. I might not be able to have that similar advantages when I am back in Indonesia.