Sunday, 22 February 2009

sunny sunday morning

i just woke up now, and its a really sunny sunday morning. im still finishing watching the reader and i kinda like the movie, its complicated, historical, confusing, but not cheesy romantic. Hollywood should make a lot of movies like this.

i almost cried when the story went on about how Hanna tried so hard to read and write because she wanted to understand the stories being read to her. I really like the method that she's using on how to learn reading and writing. and i feel... not guilty about learning a new language cuma karena gw suka ama org lain.

and i am pretty much pleased with my new template in my blog. its really cute and i love the colors so much. i thank the person who made this possible. hehhee... love it.
i think i am going to go downstairs now and check my mailbox.. i havent checked it since yesterday. i might get another postcards.