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Overview of Dee's personality:

Her natal Year number:
7 --> Although Dee may have taken a considerable time to reach maturity, she is nevertheless a quick thinker whose ideas change as rapidly as her conversation. She's an individual who wants to be liked, and as such finds it hard to refuse requests. For the same reason she dislikes arguments, and wherever possible will compromise to avoid conflict. Not the sort of individual to be employed in litigation, but excellent in mediation.

Her natal Month number:
8 --> Tenacious and stubborn, Dee is someone who works slowly and methodically to achieve success. Not the sort of individual to turn the world on fire, Dee is nonetheless a thoroughly reliable person whose careful approach to life brings steady reward. She is something of a perfectionist who can be counted upon to complete tasks without supervision.

Her natal House number:
4 --> With a strong sense of justice, Dee has a balanced but independent view of the major issues affecting life, yet lacks attention to detail. Inclined to leave things until the very last minute, she will struggle in any employment until she is sufficiently senior to have someone else put into effect the many good ideas that she will contribute.

Western Grid:

111 : Although Dee is often outgoing and chatty, she can at times be quite introspective. She may not of course see herself as an entertainer, but she nevertheless has all the qualities needed for the stage. She may seem shy on interview, but put her on a platform with an audience, and you will see the benefits that she can bring to any employment that demands such skills.

2 : Sensitive to criticism and naturally intuitive, Dee has a natural ability to detect insincerity in others. Because she is a sensitive soul, Dee can be a solid friend and a good listener. As a result, she will get on well with colleagues, whilst being more than capable of handling office politics.

4 : A practical individual, Dee is a neat and tidy craftsman who can organise others to achieve her plans. She should use those practical skills and organisational ability in an office management, or secretarial function, or by applying such skills to self-employment. In general, Dee is a well organised individual - with qualities of value to many different jobs.

7 : Dee may find life's lessons hard to learn. She will feel that life has treated her badly without really understanding why things didn't turn out better. For example, she may fail to secure the promotion she thought should be her without understanding why. It is likely that Dee will develop a faith of some sort, and although it need not necessarily be a religious faith, it will nevertheless be something that she holds onto against all the evidence.

8 : Good with details and with a methodical approach, Dee nevertheless is someone who enjoys constant new challenges to maintain her interest. She is a methodical individual with attention to detail, but is inclined to leave tasks unfinished if her active mind alights on something of greater interest. Routine tasks that fail to challenge her intellect are at greatest risk, so Dee needs a job that offers variety.

9 : Ambitious to improve her lot, Dee will constantly push forward to achieve something in her life, yet this ambition will be balanced by humanitarian ideals that will lead her to support causes that may demand self-sacrifice. Those who lack a 9, lack the ambition to look after others less able than they.

The Arrow of Activity: the numbers 7, 8 and 9
Enjoying the outdoors, Dee is someone who will perform best by being busy. She dislikes confined spaces, and needs both physical and mental exercise. A good walk in fresh air is an intellectual catalyst like no other to Dee, whose need to be constantly occupied is an asset to any employer.

The Arrow of Practicality: the numbers 1, 4 and 7
Good with her hands, Dee is a natural craftsman who will work for as long as it takes to secure a perfect result. Capable and practical, she gets on well with others at all levels of society. If Dee does not pursue a practical trade, it will be important to develop a subsidiary practical interest to complement her main employment.

Chinese Grid

11 : The number 1 relates to the potential to make money. With two 1s Dee will be reasonably successful in financial terms, and enjoy a degree of luck. If the Chinese version also contains a 6, and 8 and at least two 7s, Dee will be very fortunate.

4 : Intelligent and logical, Dee is not someone who acts rashly on the spur of the moment unless the (Chinese) chart also contains a 3 and an 8. If the chart also contains the numbers 2 and 9 Dee will enjoy high intellect and a good memory.

5 : Emotionally well-balanced, Dee is not too intense, and will reach the right decisions. However, with the numbers 2 and 3 in the Chinese version, the balance may be upset. Dee will benefit from a combination with either the numbers 3 and 7, or the numbers 1 and 9.

8 : In the absence (in the Chinese version) of the numbers 1 and 6, she will be good with money and details. She will be happier if the Chinese grid includes the numbers 5 and 7, but the 8 is a propitious number that brings financial success. However, combined with a single 3 (in the Chinese version) Dee will always need someone on whom she can rely for support and advice.

9 : Although Dee is ambitious, her ambition is tempered with humanitarian ideals. A single 9 is very auspicious, particularly if combined with the numbers 2 and 4, and even more particularly in the years between 2024 and 2043.

The Arrow of Willpower: The numbers 1, 5 and 9
Dee might be described as somewhat stubborn but she is certainly very determined. Holding strong views that will guide and shape her entire life, she will eventually reach her goals by sticking to her principles with persistent hard work.

The Arrow of Apathy: Lacking the numbers 2, 6 and 7
Although like everyone else she wants to lead a rewarding life Dee lacks the real desire to succeed. Somewhat indecisive, she will miss opportunities and avoid those risks on which genuine success relies. Dee needs to recognise that life's few chances must be grasped with both hands when the opportunity arises.

With 3 Wood elements in her chart, Dee is dominated by the emotion of anger. She will be quickly upset by what she sees as negative or unhelpful reactions or views, yet initially will say or do nothing. Once however she has faced or heard of three negative or unhelpful views in a reasonably short space of time, Dee is likely to explode into rage using some very colourful language.

Stress can easily contribute to this condition, and is likely to provoke violent outbursts. Despite that aspect of her character, Dee is an active individual who likes to be busy. Although she can be domineering, her energetic example will be an inspiration to others, who will be motivated by her resourceful, practical and co-operative approach. Dee should avoid a relationship with someone whose chart is dominated by Metal elements.

With a single Fire element Dee is prepared to take reasonable risks in both work and play. She has a higher energy level than those who lack a Fire element.

With a single Water element Dee may be a little nervous on occasions, but is naturally sympathetic and compassionate.

Dee lacks the element of Earth. She has no desire to control or micro-manage other people, and will allow them to make their own mistakes even if danger beckons. Dee does not feel sorry for herself, but is inclined to make undiplomatic remarks that can be offensive. In other words, Dee does not feel responsible for the actions of others.

Dee lacks the element of Metal. She has a grand vision of what needs to be done, but will want to leave the detailed planning to someone else. Having a flexible approach to life, Dee is not fearful of new challenges or unexplored paths, and will worry very little about the possible unforeseen consequences that may occur. She is guided by no high principle beyond the view that nothing is set so strongly in concrete that it cannot be changed as the situation demands.

With 3 Yin and 2 Yang, Dee is fortunate to enjoy a balanced structure with a slight emphasis on liberal views. This combination makes for an attractive woman, tall and slim and emotionally stable . She is likely to devote more of her future to her partner and family than to her career, but she will nevertheless enjoy success in her chosen field. She will hold liberal/conservative views with a slightly rebellious slant.

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