Job Hunting Dilemma
written on Thursday, 1 April 2010 @ 6:48 pm
let's admit something: I'm STILL unemployed.
nothing to be proud of there, I know.

I have lived for 25 years with the same dream: to be an archaeologist.
now that I have 2 degrees in the desired dream, I have left with nothing but the reality that work opportunities in Indonesia is scarce (to put it in a subtle way). Just this evening (as many other nights) I spent hours searching about archaeology-related jobs on the net, as today I have decided that I could no longer rely on the archaeology-related jobs here at home.

I stumbled upon an blog entry by Martin Rundkvist with the title Archaeology offers no career. It attached another article (unfortunately in Swedish -- not that I understand Swedish, but he sorta translated it a bit) of a woman who has 2 MA degrees in Archaeology AND Museology and finds both useless in the battle of the job hunting. That, in Sweden. How about Indonesia?

It's pretty much the same. Especially in the country that (in my opinion) has no adequate knowledge about what the heck archaeology is. I dont blame them. Archaeology is never a popular subject at school or on the job market. Try visiting and type in archaeology on the 'search' field. You'll find ZERO result. Yeah yeah.. I ACTUALLY DID THAT ALREADY, although I KNEW that it will return as a ZERO result, I just want to amuse myself (read: MOCK, to be honest).

Some people I know told me that I will find a job related to archaeology in a zap, especially becuz I hold the degree from abroad (they especially said this when I just got back). Well, dont get excited yet. NOPE! Apparently my specific personal interest on certain studies is NEVER on the market, and I believe some people are afraid to hire because they dont see it as a kewl (read: cool... come on.. I have to explain this!? this is a blog, i CAN use slang of the slang) field of study.

My personal goal right now is to add more and more experience on the fieldwork PLUS doing some networking while on the field (its not that hard you know, especially when you're actually spending more or less 2 weeks on the field with the experienced project director). But when I searched on google for fieldschools or fieldworks in archaeology, all the results showed schools/jobs in USA, UK, or other places, but almost NONE of Indonesia! Crazy, di ba? Well yeah I saw some interesting things such as field schools in Palawan or Rapa Nui or Marianas Islands or Macedonia, but of course they all came with a cost (i mean, money-wise, not the intangible cost ones).

Field schools in Indonesia is another long term dream that I want to establish. Come on, people!!! We have vast time span to cover and helluva vast soil to dig up! Again, money is the problem, no? In this malaise era of the world, money limits every dreams. I foresee the (imaginative) future of Indonesian archaeology to be as kewl (see above) as any other countries (who actually do save money to dig up theier ancestors and LEARN FROM THE PAST -- arent you ever curious about who your ancestors were? But thats probably going to be another entry).

Okay, anyways... who wants to hire
- a 25-y.o. girl with undergraduate degree of Indonesian Archaeology + masters degree of human osteology & funerary archaeology
- who's speaking fluent English & Bahasa Indonesia, understood Javanese & the likes,
- learning German and Tagalog and Greek alphabet (oh dang that one is really hard to learn!)
- reliable on photography, artefact washing and labelling
- good cataloguing skills
- fast learner
- fast reader
- familiar with MWord and progressing in MExcel
- minimum skill on SPSS
- good with internet research
- able to differentiate femur from humerus
- memorized the carpal bones as the mneumonics Sexy Ladies Try Positions That They Cant Handle
- interested to learn more about palaeopathology (oh come on! after archaeology now u mention palaeopathology.. what the hey?!) and forensic science
- loves fieldworks and is able to be away from home at unlimited time
- loves to travel anywhere (almost) with no complaints of mosquitos or flies
- suffers from serpentophobia and dislikes veggies
- must have coffees in the morning or during typing reports
- possess IELTS scores
- good driving skills
- i can sing too! :)

now let me see how many of you contacts me.


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