Job Hunting Dilemma Part 2
written on Saturday, 1 May 2010 @ 6:03 pm
Dear All....
whoaaa... wait a sec....
I opened my hotmail inbox and found an email of some guy claiming that he'd stumbled upon my blog upon his search about comments on processualism and post-processualism and asked for my CV. I'm sorry, but I had to ask his credentials as well, for at least I will know that i do not give my CV to ANY person but a person worth trusting (okay: in this era of the net where anyone can pose as ANYone.... I had to be careful). Now let's wait for his reply. The possibility for the email to be a spam really dim down my expectancies. Hahahahaha....

Anyhooooss..... me is about to go to an excavation this Wednesday. So, I will be away for two weeks. It SHOULD be interesting. Human remains and human remains and human remains. Hmmmm... human remains *Homer's style* Okay, I know I'm Morticia-weird. But do I care? NO! ahahaha.. I heart human remains. Pfftt.. this opportunity did not come to me suddenly. The project director had been planning this for a while and arrange everything neatly for me (the unaffiliated) to be able to join the team. This is interesting. I would like to see future opportunities laid out for me (or made by me). These past weeks, lots of things regarding job hunting among me and my friends that could cause heart attack or simple disappointment. A friend of mine, in the middle of a process to join a dig, discovered that the company that hired her is involved with the UNESCO most wanted treasure hunter. She -wisely- decided NOT to join the team. oh job hunting, job hunting.... the ballad and the dilemma.

Will update again -maybe- after i got back from the excavation. Wish me luck!

p.s. Still accepting archaeological job offers - leave a message & your credentials too. ;)


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