Why My Job is AWESOME!!!
written on Tuesday, 18 May 2010 @ 4:58 pm
I just got back from the dig today and along the way home, I kept reminiscing the remains of the weeks that I have spent on the field, interacting with local people, new friends (and beau), and having awesome times with my box and the skeletons, as well as having great conversation with intelligent and bright-brained people.
To be honest, I do not want to return home and face the reality of being unaffiliated with any institution or the fact that this job is only one of the projects that I am going to do in my life. I felt the welcoming hands and smiles along the way. Yes, there might be some errors here and there, but I still think that the field job was awesome and that my work, even if it means that I have to deal with skeletonised people and watery graves, is still the most awesome job in the world.

Okay, so I am going to break down the reasons why the heck my job is awesome:
1. I get to TRAVEL. I have been raised to travel, whether by air, land, sea, or walking. I love travelling. The feeling to see new places that are different than where I used to be really useful to refresh the mind, eyes, and ears. I see different colours and different vibes of a place and nothing beats the feeling of when you’re on top of a steep hill or mountain after the long hike up and seeing the world spread across your eyes like a carpet – oh God, how I’m so small in this world.

2. I get to meet NEW PEOPLE. This way I know that there is not only one type of people in the world. This opportunity lets me to understand and tolerate people in whatever clothes they wear, whatever type skins or bodies they have, whichever languages they speak, or whichever way they think. I feel that such things enriched my journey as a human being as well as a citizen of the world.

3. I get to take nice PICTURES. I love photography in my early teen years. From awful beginner’s pictures to (now) amateur types of pictures. Animals, flowers, buildings, and people are my best objects of photographs. I took pictures whenever I can and wherever I am, even if it’s only my flipflops or my rucksack. Beautiful photographs really found the way to my heart.

4. I get to DIG!!! Yeah... this is my favourite part. Digging up the past of a community, laying my hands on their limbs and saying hello to the hundreds of years beneath the soils and unleashing the history of its geological characteristics really are interesting. I get to use sharp objects such as trowels, knives, and others. The thrill of finding years of layers of soils and centuries old potteries or human remains beneath that soil almost beats the feeling of being on top of the hill. Imagine, touching that nobody else have never ever touched before. Truly thrilling!

5. I get to try types of TRANSPORTATION and ACCOMODATION. From the cheapest to the most expensive, although I prefer the cheap ones, it doesn’t really matter that much. I always have my sleeping bag ready to be spread anywhere in any position or any contour of grounds. I don’t mind sleeping with fan, or air conditioner, or even none whatsoever. I have no sea-sickness, no car-sickness, so it’s rather easy to travel with me. I don’t choose types of transportation (read: not picky) or types of accommodations, as long as I got coffee early in the morning.

6. FOOD is always my fave... well... second fave. I know... I’m picky with food. I’m allergic to some types of ingredients that are found in the tropical area, which is pitiful, because I usually dig or travel here. Tsk! I like to try new food, but I’m not one of those gastronomic adventurers who’re willing to try ALMOST anything! Haha

7. Last but not least, the STORIES I bring back to the friends and folks at home.
I think that’s all about my awesome job. I do NOT want to change it with ANYTHING else. I love this job and I am KEEPING it!


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On May 29, 2010 4:43 pm, Blogger yunita wrote:

I hope you'll get more projects in the future. It's pretty rare having a job that you really love.

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