The Eruption
written on Wednesday, 27 October 2010 @ 8:48 am
I am currently stationed in Jogjakarta until the 2nd of November. Apparently I was meant to witness a fine geological event as the Mount Merapi decided to erupted yesterday evening ca. 5pm local time.

I also got to witness the very example of dedication and deep belief of one decent old man called Mbah Maridjan, who was famous as the caretaker of this mount. Some people might called him silly for not evacuating to the designated place, but in my opinion, we should learn something from his strong will to stay up there, nearby the eruption point.

I can understand why he wanted to stay and possibly die there. It's an example of loyalty and responsibility. He was born and raised there, I dont find it's crazy if he also wanted to die there. Maybe I would do the same -- in a different level and manner, but I understand the whole concept of infatuation, loyalty, and responsibility. I admire that of Mbah Marijan. He didnt seem to care what people are saying to him, and what he got was his belief and dedication.

I secretly cried last night when I heard the news that he might not survived the volcanic ash flow from the eruption. I cried because there are less and less people like him living in Indonesia, who truly beliefs in what has been put upon their shoulders and willingly died for all the concepts of life they got.

So, people who thinks that he's stupid enough not to evac immediately, please think again.... are we willing to do the same for a simple small responsibility and whole-heartedly stand up for it?


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