the CROCHET journey had commenced!
written on Thursday, 8 December 2011 @ 10:51 pm

I have been re-inventing my passion of crochet. I have been taught to do this time-consuming and finger-breaking craft when I was in JuniorHigh, which was like -what- 13 or 14 years ago... :P *pffft* I owe all of my crafty alter ego to a Mrs. Hesty Hutabarat, who literally whipped me off with crocheting, cross-stitching, pianica skills, cooking skills, smocking skills, and singing practices in a choir. Haha, I could have not imagined my Junior High moments were filled with stuff that I am doing again now.

Okay, so... 6 months ago, I was cleaning up my room and saw one of my masterpieces from Junior High, a crocheted tissue box and I thought: 'why the hell not if I am doing this thing again? I have no job, I have no obvious deadlines (like anyone else do) and I can (maybe, someday) sell my crafts!?' So, without further ado, here I go, crocheting again!! I can't believe it.

Of course, being a crazy history buff, I now researched on the origin of crocheting and found out that it was only popular during the 19th century. I was imagining that the earliest form of crocheting would be something using needle-like object made of ivory or stingray or bone tools. LOL. a bit too prehistoric on that. Maybe I was correct, if I was talking about needleworks. Crochet is one kind of the needleworks known in the universe, but certainly not limited to it.

"Needlework formed an important part of women’s lives in times past." (

Yeah, true.

Nowadays, hakken en breien are related to granny's jobs. Tsk! These activities are actually therapeutic, to say the least. Not to mention the feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT when you ACTUALLY finished off a project!! I have had 3 scarves and several work-in-progress happening in my room at the moment. I feel like it's time for this new blog to have some pictures on it, so, I have taken some of my latest projects and am putting up the projects now. I can't believe there would be HUNDREDS or maybe THOUSANDS of crochet patterns available online. I am using Ravelry and my favorite pattern source is from the website of Lionbrand Yarn.

Okay.. to start off, here are my latest projects:


I started off this project inspired by my longing for autumn breeze of Europe. I am using two colours of yarn and two techniques: a. basic granny squares; b. some circle square motif I found on the net. I have sewn several of the squares and by God, it took a LOT of patience sewing than of crocheting!!! LOL. But I am happy on how things turned out. I just have to finish it up. My bed size is 200x120 cm, so I have a loooong way to go, also, I like my bedspread to be dangling from the edge, so I might be making this one larger than Queen size.

These are pictures of my bedspread projects, which I havent joined yet. I'm enjoying every minute of making it, but I have to stop temporarily now, as I haven't bought new yarns with similar colours. *grrr*

Started on: August-ish, 2011

Level of difficulty: Easy ++

Additional skill needed: sewing! NEATLY! LOL

Reason of not finishing: I ran out of the yarns and haven't ordered more.


Last night I suddenly have the urges of idea to make a baby blanket. No no no, I am not pregnant *smirk*, I just love the colours. I am combining the colours of cyan blue, pink, and light yellow.

This project settles in my lap at the moment. I love the colours and I love the feel of the yarn in my needle. Good news: I just ordered the same polycoloured yarn off the store for 4 more skeins. I'm on fire!! ---- and they're cheap, as in AFFORDABLE.

Started on: 6th December 2011

Level of difficulty: Easy ++

Additional skill needed: sewing! NEATLY! LOL

Reason of not finishing: it's in progress and I am working on it still.


Sheeeeesh... the things that I have to do to finish off this project seem like a burden. I have put this project on hold and I dont know when will I pick up the pace again. Of course, it's rainy season and I can finish it off anytime I want, but every time I measured it to myself, it doesn't ever seem to reach my preference of length! I keep on adding skeins of yarn afterwards. Tsk!! then being lazy continuing. LOL. Typical me, I guess.

Started on: August-ish, 2011

Level of difficulty: Easy ++

Additional skill needed: edging.

Reason of not finishing: I'm bored. I love the colour textures, but sometimes I feel it's too bland.


One of those latest projects. Easy peasy scarf that I have to finish before January, because I am planning to wear it on the January's conference in Thailand. ;)

Started on: one week ago, December 2011.

Level of difficulty: Easy ++

Additional skill needed: adding fringes... this skill is much more time consuming that I had previously thought!! LOL... but, in order to get the best result, some times, the most tedious work has to be done.

Reason of not finishing: On-going in between the baby blanket. Remember the DEADLINE


Have you had enough of my crochet ramblings??? LOL. I will definitely put up updates and whatnots about the continuation of these projects.


xo- Dee


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