Monday, 19 December 2011


I am doing this one-square-a-day projects, to mimic the works of Lucy, whom I really admired.
Her work results are ART and her choices of colours are AMAZING. I love every pieces of her work. But, my intentions are more to make these square-a-day as my new idea for a bedspread. Of course it is made for me, since I still have no one worthy enough to dedicate my masterpieces *wink*.

Picture 1. Here's how it looks --- wooot wooot! I love the colours

Picture 2. On close-up *wink*
Amaaaayzziiiing.... :P

Oh... and I found my apparently-it's-a-doily result. LOL. I was meant to make this as a slouchy hat, used half a skein of rayon variagated by BenangRajutQ product, and of course.... rayon is more suitable to make this project as a doily... which, I am using on one of my tables now. *wink*

the baby blanket join-up session is already on the run, and oh God, I love how it turns out...! Now all I need is a baby of my own.... LOL