Garlands garlands buntings...
written on Saturday, 4 February 2012 @ 8:56 am
now now, I have to admit I have way too much of earrings collection. the problem raised here is that I have NO SPACE to store them and my room looks like Titanic already. So, I thought about maaaybeee hanging the earrings would be a good idea. I could hang it inside my wardrobe cupboard, or even on my purple wall. I do have cool colours of yarns to match with my wall. So I thought about garlands...

I went on google and found this page>> Carina's craftblog and started reading off the patterns. It's quite simple though, triangle granny squares. :) and here I go again, grabbing my yarn and needle and started off my first triangle ever! It came out pretty nice. I wouldn't put up pictures yet, so that I will keep it as a surprise. I mean, I dont know how the garland would turn out yet.. but I am thinking of other shapes rather than just triangles in a garland. maybe some flowers would do as well. and classic circle granny square too.

We'll see...! :)


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