written on Monday, 7 May 2012 @ 5:51 pm
Everyday, there is always a person (or two) who make(s) me consider the reconsideration of the definition of FRIENDS. You say cyber-bullying and at-school-bullying are crimes, what about mental-bullying? by your own 'friends'? Really, I will start to write friends with 'friends' unless stated otherwise.

NORMAL people would say to me, 'ooh.. so naive of you..' laah-dee-dah... whatev, man. I only think highly about friends and friendship. It's one of the bonds that you shouldn't break nor cross. But, hey... in this Earth, even friends turn around and leave and sometimes even kick you in the butt, not for the sake of fun of it, but to MAKE WAY FOR THEIR OWN LIVES. Ang ganda ng buhay ko, no!? sometimes, some friends could (and would) even poke and gauge on your eyes. Ew, that musta hurt.

Anyways, these past 3 years been surrounded by the negativity of these sorts of friends. I am hermiting myself again. I know its not a word, shut up. y'ain't gonna find that word even if u look up at Merriam-Webster's. But hey, a bitch has got to do what a bitch gotta do, no? I'm done being treated as a doormat or trashcan. I am giving one kick on the butt back at those who kicked me first. And believe me, when I kick with my 6" pencil-stiletto pairs, that aint gonna feel good in your pretty crap-sitting arses. 


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