written on Tuesday, 8 May 2012 @ 10:26 am
I seriously think that the other blog -the scientific one- would do some good for people. Bwahahhaa.. who the feck am I to think that way?

you see.. if this is my brain (imagine I'm holding up a brain)... this side prefers for me not to do anything anymore about it and go feck myself. this side, fights for whatever that it thinks right. these two sides always collapse onto each other and fight and argue. The thing is, I have no referee to man the fight.

I am still battling the fight with that feeling of being left and discarded by everything. I hate the fact that I cannot say how hurt I am to the people who had done this to me. I only hope for one huge smack in the face for them, later on.

hhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... i dont see the point.

yah kan, kepedulian gue dianggap sesuatu yang sangat idealis dan muluk-muluk tidak menapak bumi... dan lalu segala keingintahuan gue dianggap sesuatu yang mengancam.. what the fak lah, itu statement ganggu banget deh. rese gue sebenernya dan nyesel gue tau atau mendengar hal tersebut. tahix. Ini otak gue yang salah atau bego, atau emang kenyataannya keingintahuan gue dan kemampuan gue mencari tahu itu mengancam, sih?! Terus salah siapa kalo gue resik dan pintar dalam mencari resources? salah gue??


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