Monday, 11 June 2012

Archaeologist & illness

I am at the state of being to realise that physical illness is a total disadvantage to a freelancing-field archaeologist a.k.a. Shovel Bum.

I dont have an essay to write, I just want to whine and rant, that my physical illness has gotten into my skin a bit deeper than I thought it would be. I still have to do this. I have to go. With all the difficulties of finding a job and turning down one just because of one little bruise seems to me like it's overrated and ungrateful.

I wasnt trained to whine of physical bruises. I am trained to go on and no comments but get the work done. Broken fingernails, done. Bleeding scars, done. Headaches, much too plenty to complain about. Irritating facts, piece-of-cake-ly done... What's so different about this!! Tsk.. okay, i'll get on my ass and go pack.

If it's possible, there'd be entries from the field. AHHEYY