Thursday, 14 June 2012

day 2: (not) in the field

Day 2 of travelling
I have been exposed to stuff that are alien to me for the whole 10 years in my archaeology-related life. This is absolutely a challenge. Anyways, deciding to fell into my bathtub in my bathroom just three days before departing to this trip really was a BAD IDEA, you know? Ha... The injuries are absolutely limiting my movements and causing pain a lot on my serratus anterior as well as my pectoralis major and some parts of my lattisimus dorsi. I just hate the pain even when I adduct or abduct my arms, I can't even lay prone in my bed (well, the hotel's bed), and being as the most favourite position to type my laptop with (do not do this, bad habit), it really strikes up my nerve when I had the urge to prone. Tsk..

Tomorrow's another day. I might not be getting enough power to connect to the internet as we're going to be deep forested for 10 days and will be going back to Sangiran again on the 26th; even in Sangiran I find it hard to connect to the internet with my own mobile modem. Hmmm.... *wonder wonder. But I really love Sangiran. I love the feeling of quietness, serenity, and hospitality of the people living there. I just love it. I feel .... at home (!?)

Yea yea.. I'll stop to my rambling. I have to get up real early tomorrow, get some breakfast.. oh well.. and then off to the survey site. Awesome..

This is the life I want.