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written on Sunday, 10 June 2012 @ 6:16 pm

You Are Consistent
Of all the types, you are the most disciplined and the most ethical. You have high ideals. You thrive when you are able to be an advocate for causes that you believe in. Some people may say that you are a bit stubborn and inflexible, but you're more tolerant than they realize. You do your best to live a principled and just life - which can make you a bit tense and critical at times.

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You Are Gentle and Generous
You are an easygoing person with a very sunny outlook. You see the best in every situation. You tend to seek out comfort. You enjoy familiar favorites - whether it's old friends or favorite meals. You are not inclined to seek out novelty. You're pretty happy with your life as is... why change? You're open to anything new that comes your way, but you don't need anything else to be content.

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You Crave Excitement
You are vivacious, colorful, and bold. There is nothing subtle about your personality. You are naturally extroverted. You love to talk, and you are a good storyteller. You are attracted to drama. You love dramatic people, and you tend stir up a bit of trouble yourself. You are very expressive and opinionated. You react to everything... in fact, some people may accuse you of overreacting!

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You Are Complex and Deep
You are a bit of a contradiction. It's hard to label you or sum you up easily. You have many interesting layers to your personality... and some of them you keep completely to yourself. You are open to change, and it's likely that your life has gone through many phases already. You don't expect anyone else to understand you. You're still trying to understand yourself!

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You Could Use Some Green
You feel like your life is a bit dramatic and intense these days. You just wish that everyone would calm down a little - yourself included. Tap into some green energy to find balance and stability in your life. Only you know what you need. Take time by yourself, especially in nature, to figure out what that is.

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Your Vision is Bold
More than anything else, you'd like people to follow their passions and dreams. It's minds like yours that have encouraged others to do what they love and make their lives count. You have always lived big and acted impulsively. You don't like to overthink anything. You feel most alive right before you make a big change. It's probably why you make so many of them.

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