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written on Friday, 8 June 2012 @ 6:59 am

what the quizzes had to say.... 

Your Blog Should Be Green 
Your blog is smart and thoughtful - not a lot of fluff. You enjoy a good discussion, especially if it involves picking apart ideas. However, you tend to get easily annoyed by any thoughtless comments in your blog.

Taken at What Colour Should Your Blog Be?
You See The World Through Red Colored Glasses
You live your life with intensity. You have strong emotions and experience everything vividly. You judge all interactions through the lens of power. You determine who has the most power and how to improve your position.You face challenges with courage and strength. You can will your way through any problem. You see love as the utmost expression of your passions and desires. Your romantic life is very passionate and overwhelming. At your worst, you are easily angered and quick to fight. You will go to war with anyone. You are happiest when you are expending a lot of energy. And you love the feeling of danger!

Taken at What Color Glasses Do You See the World Through?
Your Color is Green 
You are an insightful and wise creature. Personal growth is important to you, and you are always changing for the better. You are very nurturing. You take care of yourself first, and because of this, you are able to take good care of others. You think that life should be an adventure. You try to never get stuck in a rut. Even though it can be difficult, you like to break out of your comfort zone. You never want to be stagnant!

Taken at What's Your Feng Shui Color? 

You Are Blue 
You believe the key to living a good life is simple. Be as honest with yourself and others as possible. You value the truth over everything else. You will remain loyal to those who are honest with you, even if their honesty hurts.Compared to most people, you handle the truth well. You take every event in stride. You are the calm spot in a sea of chaos.You think the solution to most problems is open communication. You wish that people would be more real with each other.

Taken at What Color of the Rainbow Are You?

Your Colors Are Natural
Your colors are drawn from nature - greens, browns, and a few vivid accents. You are down to earth and realistic. You do your best to see things clearly. You have a broad perspective, and you don't rush to judgment. You aren't overly emotional. You can find balance in your life easily, and you tend to have a calming presence. You are very together.

Taken at What are your Colors?
Your Passion is Brown 
You are both a sensitive and sensual lover. Warm and deep, you are tuned into the needs of your lover. Verbal foreplay is crucial to you. Words can make or break your mood. For you, sex is a 24 hour a day thing - you can't separate it from love.

Taken at What Colour is your PASSION?
Your Power Color Is Teal
  • At Your Highest: You feel accomplished and optimistic about the future.
  • At Your Lowest: You feel in a slump and lack creativity.
  • In Love: You tend to be many people's ideal partner.
  • How You're Attractive: You make people feel confident and accepted.
  • Your Eternal Question: "What Impression Am I Giving?"

Taken at What is your POWER Colour?
You Are Colorful Because You Are Delightful
You are simply a joy to be around. You are cheerful, cute, and charming. You truly respect and appreciate other people, and it shows. You are extremely non-judgmental. You avoid confrontation, and you hate fighting. You try your best to make sure that everyone gets along. Life is hard, so you try to be easy on people. More importantly, you try to be easy on yourself.

Taken at the COLOUR test
You Should Live in a Red House
  • You are adventurous and have a passion for life. You want to explore new places.
  • You crave love and ever lasting romance. You want to deepen your intense feelings for another person.
  • You don't worry about what others think of you. You are who you are, and you've given up trying to be someone else.
  • You are quite persuasive. You know how to get your way whenever you want to... and you often want to!

Taken at Which colour of house should you live in?
You Should Paint Your Room Yellow
Bright and bold, yellow is truly the color of inspiration. Your yellow room will drive you to think clearly, develop new ideas, and be organized. Yellow is also energizing and very powerful. So don't expect to rest in there!

Taken at What Color Should You Paint Your Room?
Your Heart Is Purple
  • For you, love is about establishing and developing a deep connection.
  • If it's true love, it brings you more wisdom and inner strength.
  • Your flirting style: Sincere
  • Your lucky first date: An afternoon at a tea house
  • Your dream lover: Is both thoughtful and expressive
  • What you bring to relationships: Understanding

Taken at What Colour of Heart do YOU have??
You Are Playful
  • You are easygoing and carefree. You like to hang loose whenever possible.
  • Your natural state is to be relaxed. You think feeling stressed out is never worth it.
  • You often help others with their problems. You offer practical and workable solutions.
  • You have steady and unwavering energy. You are a person of great endurance.

Taken at the GRADIENT test
Your Psyche is Blue
You are deeply emotional and very connected to everything (and everyone) around you. By simply understanding other people, you are able to help them heal and let go. While you are a very deep and thoughtful person, you do have a very silly, superficial side. When you are too blue: the weight of the world's problems hangs over you. When you don't have enough blue: you lack perspective and understanding.

Taken at What Colour is your Psyche?

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