Quick Images Psychology Quizzes.... 3 (!!!)
written on Sunday, 10 June 2012 @ 5:26 pm

You Hope to Leave Your Mark on the World You want to change the world in a big way, and you don't ever want to be forgotten. You are ambitious, aggressive, and even a little crafty. You know how to get ahead. You are the leader of the pack and a true adventurer. You'd visit the whole planet if you could. You put your own interests first, but you are mindful of the interests of others. There's plenty of room at the top!

analysed at The Footprint Test

You Are Flexible You believe that wherever you go, there you are. And you are able to be anywhere. You can easily adapt to changing situations - in fact, you think a little change does you good. You are incredibly observant, and because of this, you are very wise. You have an impressive memory. You are a very visual person. You never forget a face or a scene.

analysed at The Pasture Test

You Are Colorful You have a vivid, magical view of the world, and you are easily entertained. You notice the brilliant little details that other people forget. You experience your emotions very fully, so much so that they often take on a life of their own. You've got an amazing life going on. If only everyone else had your bright point of view!

analysed at The Lollipop Test

You Are Sophisticated You're so charming it's intoxicating. You carry yourself with grace. You know that there may be no such thing as perfection, but you try your hardest to be perfect. You are successful, and part of your success has come from being crafty. You are skilled at influencing others. You can be aggressive at times, but you also know when to hold back. It's all about balance.

analysed at The Cocktail Test

You Are Outspoken - You are a confident person who doesn't second guess big decisions. You trust yourself to know what's right. You are happy to share your ideas about any subject. You don't mind expressing controversial opinions. You know where you want to go and how you're going to get there. You are very goal directed. You are extremely motivated and driven. People wonder where you get all your energy from.

analysed at The Coffee Craving Test

You Are Vibrant You're the type of person who doesn't sit around waiting for life to happen. Instead, you make things happen. You are extremely proactive, and you live a better life for it. You try to do as much as possible every day. Your life is full of meaningful work and good friends. You don't get down too often - there's so much going right for you these days.

analysed at The Flower Test

You're Sweet Because You're Innocent You may have been hurt many times before, but you don't carry it with you in life. You still fundamentally expect people to be good, and you give them the benefit of the doubt. You're innocent, but you're not naive. You know who could harm you, and you stay away accordingly. Whenever you can, you open your heart up to possibilities. Life is so much richer that way.

analysed at The Sorbet Test

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