Saturday, 14 July 2012

...and now: knitting

I am obsessed with crafty things, from gift-wrapping, stationeries, paper crafts (such as: scrapbooks, but i hate origamis), haberdashery (crochet, cross-stitches) and such. Now, I am intrigued to try knitting, since I saw my friend knit oh-so-easily last night. Hahaha.. I am much competitive on this. 

And so,  just like crocheting, in which I picked up after 9 years of absence through youtube videos and lots of online articles (Internet is my Bible), I will try to pick up knitting - in which I have NEVER done before - through the similar medias. Found this understandable article from and will try to pick up things from there. One thing I am certain of is that I need a pair of knitting needle now.

I'm gon' knit my yarn till it's done!