Wednesday, 18 July 2012

double the granny, please....


Hhhh.... I received another package of new yarns today; by new yarns I mean new type of yarn from the usual supplier (nope, still not tellin' ya!), with the usual slap-in-the-face colours of my choice. Though I did included tosca, maroon, and ivory for a personal project (AGAIN!?), it's a bit earthy, ocean-y, calm.

So, this new yarns are big ply cotton - which I thought would be perfect for knitting (which I put down immediately after I picked up the needles - just because I am too dumb to figure out how to hold the needles), but then I thought "hey! my blankets would look AWESOME with these yarns..." Then I decided to browse Ravelry to find not-so-traditional pattern of granny squares and found these:

So, yeah, I been wanting to put my pictures on doing the grannies, but tonight is not the right time to take the pictures, they've all gone awfully wrong (the pics, not the grannies). I will update tomorrow maybe... if I manage to take beautiful pictures. Ha!