i'm doin' it in circles!: Part 1.
written on Thursday, 19 July 2012 @ 12:55 pm

i'm doin' it in circles!: 
Part 1.

This is actually the first time I'm doing the rounds with BIG PLY in which I am so in love with the thickness of the yarn and the quicker I get to work with it...only 2 hours ago, I made the pictures below and now I am at the 10th round with the mandala throw. Pretty awesome, eh? Plus, I get to play with some Photoshop actions I found on the net and apply it to make such wonderful vintage effects to my photographs. I looooove graphic technologies. Hahaha. I spent quite some time playing with the Photoshop and produced several darn cute vintage-like images that is MY OWN. How amazing is that and remembering how I despise photograph alteration in the past. Tsk! Not wise, Dee.. NOT WISE....

The pile of yarns on your right side are the ones that I am using for the Mandala Throw. I immediately thought of TOSCA, MAROON, and IVORY after looking at the catalogue of my supplier and heck yeah, she dipped it well to make such wonderful tosca, and I fell in love with it. I love the contrast of colours that they're producing, especially after I hooked them next to each other. The tosca should be the MAIN colour, so I am imagining a LOT of tosca going on in the final result, though possibly, I will use the ivory as the final edging. Now, for edging, I can't decide, whether it's going to be with normal and usual double crochet technique, or putting some shells as edging. I'm not going to go there yet. I am enjoying the process of granny-ing now and still couldn't believe how fast it is I went from round one to round 12. Yeah, baby... round 12 already!!

As have been mentioned on yesterday's post, I am taking the pattern of the mandala from Revisiting The Granny Mandala by Alice. If he's really a cat, he's a wonderful crafty cat then. Ha! Loved the colours you used, too, Raymond. They're AWESOME!!!

results of playing with Photoshop

They're so pretty though my hands hurt so much from the tension I have to keep with the yarns, but I love it. Gosh, I can't believe I made a sentence with double contradictions and negativity. I guess it's my habit when writing. I am in loooooooove with all things vintage, though not so much of retros. What's the diff... laah?!

I don't know how big the mandala throw would turn out to be. I am hoping it would turn out fine, though, and the thought of selling them to people is really nice. I am hooked on this big ply yarn thing. Best invention ever! I know my Tulip hook would immediately matched with the weight of the yarn and the thickness, so what the hell. I just go for it and put some colours into my dull life.

Okay, so I am going to continue tonight, and let's see how fast it would turn out by the stroke of 12. Now, I'm hungry!!!


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