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written on Monday, 2 July 2012 @ 2:57 am
Good Morning!
I was reading this article by Katrina Onstad "Why Are We So Scared of Eye Contact?" and suddenly realised the thing that I hate the most when striking a conversation with people nowadays is when they got DISTRACTED with their gadgeteries of mobile phones (either smart or not), or iPad, iPod, iPhone, iDontknowwhatelse; DURING the conversation.

There was one time that I had to bang on the table because there were up to seven people sitting in that table, yet no one is TALKING to each other, because everyone is BUSY with the gadgets. I was the one against applications such as Wh*tsapp or other IMs features on the phone, because I KNOW I will get distracted too!

Love department has gone wild as well with this *avoiding eye contacts-ism*. It's just not right. Classical romantic movies taught me that love should be spelled out as you look into your lover's eyes, not by TEXTING or even SEXTING. Tsk‼ Whatever happened to skin-on-skin action!? sheeeeeeeeeeeeeshhh..................‼‼ Have you forgotten this song...??

When people look other people less and less into their eyes, there is a certain grade of declination on how to appreciate people. Just yesterday I read a testimonial from someone about ignorance. Someone stepped over his mother's head and admitted that he DIDN'T SEE them sitting there...

When your brain got used to NOT CARING to your surroundings, it will stop caring. It will stop caring about how green the leaves are, about how breezy the wind blew, about how blue the sky is today, about how today is the beginning of the full moon, about how crunchy and rejuvenating those kids' laughters are; because all you CARE about is the headset on your ears, the personal space with personal choice of music or podcasts that you're listening to.

When people stops looking into each other's eyes, there ain't gonna be understanding no more, because all you see about the world is what you see through your eyes, not through somebody else's eyes. Say goodbye to understanding, tolerance, and world peace. Miss Universe and Miss World must find another slogan and motto when asked by the judges.

If you dont want to be those people, put down your headset, turn off your gadgets, look around you and tell me what you find.


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