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written on Tuesday, 17 July 2012 @ 10:27 am
I have the hobby of crochet since I was a little girl, though I decided to leave it behind, I started back on crocheting a year and half ago, in search of tranquility and serenity. Found both, now the hobby has become an obsession.

Internet also provided me with a lot of inspirations of what to crochet, although I do have a lot Project-In-Progress going on. Ha!

On the left side here is the example of pages on the internet with lots of great creations from crochet. Granny squares are my ABSOLUTE favorite. I do have a lot of ideas what to do with it, mostly throws and blankets. But I usually got bored in the middle of the process.

I am currently working on a rectangle granny throws to use on my own bed. I am using autumn colours and a splash of cream as borders in the middle of the work and will use the cream also in the end of the project. I have used the same colour yarn on a scarf, which turned out beautifully. I love wearing that autumn colour.

This rectangle granny is worked in rounds, starting in the middle line of 3dcs and continued with the usual granny rituals of 3dcs + 1 ch all around. Patterns I'm planning is 25 rounds of autumn colours - 2 rounds of cream - 1 round of autumn - 2 rounds of cream - 25 rounds of autumn all the way until it reached the size of my singlebed. I imagine it'd be awesome. Let's see if I got bored in the middle AGAIN. hahahaha.. I yarn I am using is local rayon, homemade by friends and supplier of mine. I just loooooooooooove the feel of the rayon in my fingers and needles, though it does require a great amount of time to finish with.

Another website that is TRULY my inspiration is: Lucy's Attic24. Lucy is a great artist, I say. Looking at her website brightens up my dull day. It also makes me regret the fact that I havent been so into haberdashery when I was in the UK, which is actually a haberdashery heaven. Try and visit her webpage to see what I'm talking about. The colours she played with to create one blanket of granny squares are wonderful!

What I actually need is more drive to finish my projects, really. Somehow, I feel like I have so many sparetimes off-field and I want to crochet and crochet all the time. Knit? Tsk... I am having troubles even holding the needles and yarns. I think I might be comfortable with knitting after having crochet in my manual skill for all these years, but smocking is way easier than knitting, or cross stitching is easier than knitting. I will pick it up again, knitting, I mean... when I feel like it. Now, I don't. Ha!

Below are the pages that I like to browse around to find patterns and ideas for crochet. Hopefully later my search would expand to those of knitting patterns. :)


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