Saturday, 11 August 2012


I went on a bookhunt this morning, and found some gems and a wonderful old bookstore on the building where my mom has a store established.

Been eyeing these books since I saw the ads on the Sunday crossword page last week. Now I have THREE books valued for amazing pastimes. :) 
Now these books, were supposed to show up when I was still studying for my undergraduate degree, but they decided to show up just now, just today. The book in the right picture is the HARDEST book to find, EVER. They only sell it in 6-books set, and the set is SO EXPENSIVE that I keep putting it down to  buy this important set. BUT! Today I got a great deal after pulling on some strings to the lady shopkeeper who was very generous to pursue the other booksellers to give me a reasonable price and pick the book out from the set, since I only need the first book on the set. Hm, awesome. Thank you, lady shopkeeper.