Thursday, 2 August 2012

dot dot dot

I'm still busy with crochet, if anyone thinks I am not doing anything. Ha... I really had a thought about selling them somehow. I think it's going to earn me some money. And I am currently working on two orders, yay! And I got a whole new big ply yarns that I can transform into placemats, coasters, and/or throws. I just looove how they turned out to be. I am just tired of doing scarves and shawls for a year, I thought about making some things new. Pictures will be up tonight, as I haven't really got the time to take photographs & do some Photoshop magics on them.

AUGUST 3rd. 
Now... I have finished the additional order last night, of three mini tabletops.. and they're in PINK.. ugh, I still hate the colour, but I enjoyed working with the yarn.

The left picture is the beginning of one of the mini tabletops. The right picture is the three of them altogether. I am using three main colours: baby pink, rose red, and three-coloured yarn (green, purple, white-ish), plus some of the neon green yarn that I have for edging of the smallest tabletop.

So, I'm done with this order... blocked it, sprayed some scented blocker water, hung em up to dry overnight, and voila... order's ready.

Now on to the next order, in which I will finish tonight. Bring on the black and grey yarns, please.