Horror ManiAc - Reviews, Part 1
written on Sunday, 16 September 2012 @ 3:44 am
Part 1. 

I was bedridden for the past week, and I managed to fill my bedridden-time to.... *drum roll please* MOVIE WATCHING! I paid my dues watching some horror movies, Asian mostly, and I am HAVING A GREAT TIME! 

I have loved horror movies since long time ago, and I find solace in it. I find that weird things, thanatology-related things are amazing and they sure made my life colourful. Psychologically speaking, maybe because I dont have to find all the chick-flick, drama, and cheap comedies within a movie. I have those in life. In movies, I wanna be scared, I wanna be stimulated intellectually with weird plots (or cheap plots) and then experiencing the best anti-climax at the end of the movie (or sometimes, they don't even give you anti-climax). You see, the curve of the plots could go on and on through sequels and what not. But I HATE SAW SERIES. At some point, I stopped taking gory style revenge to the germs of society as an entertainment; and because the gore side stopped behind the line of sticking variety of used needles to get to the key. Eugh, BOOOORRRRRIIING. 

Asian Horror Genres
Asian horrors... hmm, I was not to keen when watching horror programmes on Indonesian television, until I found the old version of Dunia Lain, of course, played every Thursday night, the night considered to be the haunting hours in some cultures in Indonesia. Then come J-Horror genre with The Ring, Ju-On, and Uzumaki; all classics Japanese horror flicks. Thai production houses are my favorites! They don't waste money and time and make-ups for horror movies, and I bet you some of them are even real. Ha! Taiwanese horror and K-Horror come in the later period of the development of Asian horror genre. They too have hidden treasures, and by hidden treasure I mean a TRULY SCARY HORROR FILMS. Not to forget the Pinoys with Sigaw (then made into cheesy Hollywood rendition: The Echo; as it was meant in Tagalog), Sukob, the Shake, Rattle, and Roll series, Ouija, etc. I can name you all. Well, almost all.

I am planning for a special listing for Tales of Terror from Tokyo and Japanese Horror Anthology, because they got short episodes and it's going to be awesome if I could do them in a special list. 


1. MIDNIGHT FM - K-Horror (or rather: Thriller)

The first time I saw the title, I imagined that I would be served with ghostly songs or voices that haunts the radio DJ or studio. But, hell no! I got my stomach churned, my breath gasped, and my palms closed together hoping the two kids are okay.

The story begins with the radio DJ's plan to move to the States, in order to get her daughter a  better medical treatment, so tonight is supposed to be her LAST on-air session. Little did she know that what she said on the taxi ride home is a death sentence to someone else.

Why this is a must-watch?
#1. Because, the building of the plot is awesomely good to churn your stomach. The fact that the threats were delivered through mobile phone and radio requests are somehow closer to home, which might have happened everyday.
#2. Because stalkers freak the hell outta me. Serious movies with stalkers and/or crime documentary with stalkers in it had me gone paranoid. Surely, you must adore the way a stalker is determined to finish or follow things, but at some point, too much is too much.
#3. I thought the challenge for this movie was to gather all the old playlist given by the stalker as shown on the first song - which was not on the radio database any longer. When she played the same song by its original artist, something happened, because that song wasn't on the request playlist. Tsk! I thought it was going to be a journey to find-a-song. But, hell no....!! The meddling of the staff on site that night makes it even stomach churning.
#4 Because this movie had successfully made me want to knock down that Boss of hers!! What an ignorant person!
#5. Because then I breath easy when it's all over.

my Rating:

2. THE MAID - Singaporean Horror

Singapore horror is one of my fave, since Singapore is so close to home, and I love people speaking Singlish, I can relate to the story somehow easier.

The first time I watched this movie was in 2006, when it was just released in Indonesia, I think... and heck it scared the heck outta me, and now, the second time watching it, I am still scared.

The story is about a Filipina who went to Singapore to work as a maid and she arrived during the Ghost Month. Tsssk.... can't she pick another month to start the job, ey!? Story went on from there and the lack of cultural knowledge made her somewhat ignorant but forgivable to have meddled a bit with the rituals during the month, such as: sweeping away the ashes of burnt offerings for the ghosts in front of the house, stepping on it unintentionally, and well.. the result of these offends are quite a pay. Dark history unfolds as she started to see 'someone' in the house. The twist? Hmm, not so much of a twist, but I see this movie from a different angle. Somehow I see this movie as a portrayal of the problems arising on female workers abroad. What sort of problems? Read the news. I am not going into politically correct cases here.

my Rating:

3. HAUNTED CHANGI - Singaporean Horror (website)

I told you I love Singaporean movies. Plus, there's a cute guy worth watching here. LOL.

Shot in a style of horror-documentary, this movie is (again) close to home with the story of kuntilanak and the likes that reside within the abandoned ex-hospital building. The building? It's REAL. I did some research about this building after watching the movie, and heck yeah... it's one of the heritage building that played a part during the Japanese occupation in Singapore. The building was established in 1935 as Royal Air Force Hospital. Of course bad things happened here during the war, and it was said that plenty of POW got murdered brutally here. Hence, the ghostly appearances.

Don't expect prelude to ghost sightings in this movie as they appear when you don't expect them to. If this movie is a real documentary, it would be extreme awesome. The journey to find a secret tunnel of Changi Hospital turned out to be ghastly.

It really is like watching the old version of Dunia Lain combing every corner of Lawang Sewu building and find 'stuff' there. The scariest moment in this movie, for me, is when they replayed the first night's shooting frames and found that something grazed upon Sheena's shoulder. That was my 'oh, fuck' moments. The other 'oh, fuck' moment was when the ghost hunter crews caught those headless images in the heat-meter. Pffft.... that certainly could be rigged, but hey, I was in the zone for the movie.

And of course, the cute guy went down first. Farid, the soundman, which is the type of Austronesian Adonis in my terms, went sick immediately after shooting the first night - and they never showed Farid again...

my Rating:

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