new-found love: Canon Powershot G9
written on Thursday, 27 December 2012 @ 6:45 am
Canon Powershot G9 - image taken from
I have been eyeing G12 for over than a year til G1X and G15 showed up in the market. I was intrigued with the concept of prosumer camera, pocket, and powerful. I used to despise this sort of camera, as I thought it'd be unmanly to have such camera and claim myself as a photographer. Hahaha.. Then again, I am not a man, nor am I a photographer. G12 does offer me elegance and precision when it comes to macro photography, which I did not find in any other camera. My hands simply despise other brands of camera, chauvinistically, and I have been using Canon for over than 10 years now. Specs offered by G12 are 12.1 megapix, 5x optical zoom, stabilised zoom, etc etc etc.... I thought those would be helpful during artefacts or bones photography on and off the field. A friend of mine has a G12 -- and this is how I surveyed my soon-to-be camera. I tried, and was amazed with what G12 can do. Though the viewfinder retraction is kind of distracting me, but otherwise, the specs are amazing.

Then comes the time when I went to the excavation (read previous post) and had to use my dearest friend's G9 because my 400D decided to gone berserk on me before excavation (AF not functioning, built-in flash started to get stuck whenever I press the button, and MF died). On the field, I fell in love with G9 -- as it has given me ability to extremely macro-ed the objects (e.g skulls, lumbars, clavicles, distal femori, even mastoid process!!!) and did the analyses back on the basecamp by photographs!!! I seldomly do that. I was so panicky when I saw piles of bones and thought that I would never ever finished analyses til the end of the excavation. 

Not reading the specs on G9 was the mistake on my end. I thought that I could not expect more from a camera borrowed from my friend, as the serial number is lower than G12. But I made another mistake, by thinking that way. I was TOTALLY MISTAKEN. G9'sspecs covers 6.0x optical zoom, the others are pretty much similar to latest Powershot series. Little did I know, this camera brought me compliments from the boss.. hahaha.. that's another plus thing G9 has for me. G9 presents even more precision when it comes to documenting possible pathological lesions on bones, features on stone artefacts, and ... funny faces of my friends.

Correct that I have switched my love affair with G12 to G9. And I am happy with this new love affair. Coming back from the excavation, I have grown obsession around it. I am extremely determined to HAVE Canon Powershot G9 (pictured on the right), and I went to do some research and whatnot and FOUND a secondhand G9 on sale. It was a painful search, but fruitful. And now, I have in my hand a Canon Powershot G9 -- which I hope would be VERY helpful on my future digs and/or travels and leisure trips. Oh... and crochet photography as well. Hahahaha... 

I am keeping my 400D for other reasons, not selling it at all. I know I will still need 400D. All I have to do is take it to the CanonHospital to get it some treatment and recovery.


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