Crossword Collections Part 1
written on Sunday, 24 February 2013 @ 4:52 pm
I have SO MUCH SPARE TIME in my hand this weekend and then I got bored. Then I started to work on some Sunday crosswords, and thought that I SHOULD make some of my own. Of course, my favorite subjects are archaeology and osteology. So I got a little creative and made at least 30 crosswords in hand. And I know the number is going to keep on rising. 

Because I'm BORED, damnit! Ha!
Two, because I know somehow these puzzle are both amusing and educating
Three, because archaeology isn't always so serious. In fact, we are never THAT serious. You must be reading about some other type of scientists if you have 'serious' word in your head. 

Each part of the collection will contain 20 puzzles. I do not know if I am going to make and remake them again. As you know... the randomisation of the words coming out on the puzzle is definitely depending on the mood of the machine.

Enjoy some puzzle games of Human Ostelogy!!
To download, click on the link, then follow the directions on GOOGLE DRIVE. I think it's pretty easy.
These files are printables for your convinience.
Files are made in .pdf type. All you have to do is open it on the reader (click to download - if you have none installed) and print from there.
Please do not rip the crosswords and claim them as your own, as I did spent some time making them and arranging and uploading them. So... yeah, bit of appreciation would be nice here.
It is free to use on your classes and free time. Not to worry about paying some money.
Please let me know if there are any BROKEN LINKS

Human Osteology Puzzles

Puzzle 1
Puzzle 2
Puzzle 3
Puzzle 4
Puzzle 5
Puzzle 6
Puzzle 7
Puzzle 8
Puzzle 9
Puzzle 10
Puzzle 11
Puzzle 12
Puzzle 13
Puzzle 14
Puzzle 15
Puzzle 16
Puzzle 17
Puzzle 18
Puzzle 19
Puzzle 20
Answer 1
Answer 2
Answer 3
Answer 4
Answer 5
Answer 6
Answer 7
Answer 8
Answer 9
Answer 10
Answer 11
Answer 12
Answer 13
Answer 14
Answer 15
Answer 16
Answer 17
Answer 18
Answer 19
Answer 20


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