Friday, 22 February 2013

Wired Dead Bodies

I am planning to get myself tangled in wire.
Sounds like half of a suicide wish?
Well it's NOT.

click on the page for image sources, yeah. i hosted the image myself, but always credits the source page

Ever since I started my own jewelry shop, I got so intimidated by the beauty of wire and beads and resins. Then, one morning, I decided to start looking for wire jewelry courses around the city, started comparing prices and promos and kits. Of course, the end products will be sold in KupuUngu Shop.

Have I shared about this shop of mine?
I spent a LOT of hours handpicking jewelries from various sources with low price, because I believe that being pretty DOES NOT have to be expensive!!!

a wee screenshot of the pages I own and managed, SINGLE-HANDEDLY
when you click the image, you'll be redirected to the respective pages.

It has been so much fun doing this and watching money come flowing into my wallet. The thing is that I have to share the time to handpick jewelries and digging up dead bodies. The two do not seem to match in ANY ways, but i love both the same. Anyhoo, I am hoping that these two would go hand in hand for such long terms.