After-Field Note: Harimau, Part 1 (2012)
written on Thursday, 9 May 2013 @ 8:32 pm


 Back from another field excavation programme. Tis not the first time I been to this site, was here on 2007, and was working on one of the cave's burials for my undergrad thesis. But this time I was a full-time osteoarchaeologist partnering with another guy who is totally brilliant and was fun to work with. I had SO MUCH well... TOO MUCH fun working there, I didn't even want to go home. But then again, I should. Every excavation must end with (teary) goodbyes to the site, to the helpful locals (esp. Ibu Warung and her daughters), and to all the feelings that I must left there. Daily chores include: waking up fecking early, doing the morning business, breakfast, a loooooooooong hike to the cave, cigarette break after arriving at the cave, down to the boxes, making love with the skeletons (by any other means, doing field analyses as convinient as I could bear), another cigarette  break at 10am, more analyses, lunch, 30-minutes hang out after lunch, more and more analyses (plus, when there were new skeletons turning up from the soil, that would add up my work for the days to come), hike down the hills after 4pm, siesta til 7pm, dinner, back to desk work (and joking around) til next dawn almost hits. I was told that I would be handling 60-something skeletal remains, then I thought, now that is the challenge. I handled 200-something back in my college days, but it was halfway done. This time, 60-something skeletal remains and I am doing it from scratch. Awesome! First five days were hell for my brain, as I could not find a correct system to work fast enough. Then I thought, what the heck, I have this mini notebook with super battery that I can bring to the box, so, I did. I tried for a day working with my mini notebook, and I found it very convinient as I could halfway finish my work ON the field (which is rare for me), and gotten a little relaxed when I went back to the basecamp and did only make-ups on the reports. During the next 11 days, I did this and voila! I was done. When my partner came, he added more osteometrics than I would thought of -- and that surely did enriched the report. Awesome job, partner!

I got some little health friction that I did not let to fall between me and my skeletons. I hurt my right ankle with that stupid-new-boots-that-i-left-to-throw-away-bad-luck, and my foot had gotten swollen pretty bad. On one final days, it had gotten worse, and I decided to stay at the basecamp to have it hacked by the dearest dentist (DONT ASK!) that is the member of the excavation team. I said DONT ASK. He tended my injury and made me howling like a banshee in the middle of the day and well, what do I know? The swelling gotten better. Although, today, that scar hadn't vanished yet. I still have it, but no longer feel the itch or pain, only scabs. Tsk! And by God, I have to restrain myself from poking or scratching the scab. Hahahaha... there would be NO PICTURE of the scab, though. Other than that, no other health friction on the field happening to me, as I have always promised myself: NO HEALTH PROBLEMS ON THE FIELD. JUST WORK. I beg you my biggest pardon, partner, for I had not been able to company you on that last day on the field. *mewek I loved my latest field experience. On the first day, I met several new friends and miraculously made friends easily with them, and I did not even remember what ice-breaker we were having within our conversation that first day. All I know was that the next day, me and the girls were inseparable and were having A LOT of fun together, on and off the field. Off-the-field, we used to hang out at the Warung nearby the basecamp. Sitting, chatting, and drinking to whatnot, making fun of the day, telling problems and personal lives. Lovely bonding times. I forgot how it feels to have friends around me that actually cares. Now I miss them so bad, it is unusual. I wish to be working with these people again in the future. There are times at night we have to fight these wittle byotches  because they were just attracted by the LCDs of our laptops and when the lights were off (as in total brown out), they would swarm over your laptops. Tsk tsk... naughty beeeees....!!! Sorry that I could not talk jibby jabbies about the analyses {yet} and what do I think about the site yet, so I aint going to put those here. I cannot also post pictures of single skeletal remains to brag about, as they are not my properties, but I can tell you that the site was AMAYZING and I LOVED IT and would not say NO if I were to be offered another time (or times) here. So, field work is DONE, reports are (halfway) done, New Year's Party is coming up, and I am just waiting and looking for another field works for me. Lovely life!!! Yeah, this is HOW I ACT when life is ON MY SIDE. There are times I would like to think that I have a life as a WORKING osteoarchaeologist and right now, this osteoarchaeologist deserves a
Some pictures from the field

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