A Crochet Therapy
written on Monday, 6 January 2014 @ 10:42 pm
so, I revamped the blog again and I am loving how it looks now.
I did everything from scratch, layouts, designs, logos, color coordination, color coding, and stuff.. so please, do not steal.
I will try my best to put backlinks to every post and craft I featured here..
I hope every links work just fine. Do tell me if there are errors. :)
I have been pretty beat up lately for personal reasons and I seek serenity by doing crochet.
Did I find it?
I did.
And I am happy with that.

Tunisian crochet is definitely the highlight of the new-found skill. I am loving every second I'm doing it.
With Tunisian, I feel like I can actually finish a project.
Maybe I just got bored with granny squares and wanted to do something else with the hooks.
So I sacrificed several hundred-thou Rupiahs to buy the set of aluminum Tunisian hooks and got on with it.
At first I thought learning Tunisian would end up like when I wanted to do knitting.
Newsflash: I CANT KNIT!!
not at all. 
There is something with that long and shiny knitting needles that intimidates me.
Exagerrated? Maybe. Hahaha.
What don't I exagerate?
Ask anyone! :)

it is the rainy season in Indonesia now -- and internet connection kinda comes and goes as the weather.
If it's too windy, you won't get good connection.
If it's stormy, you would be lucky to get only one bar of connection.
If it's sunny and nice, sometimes I did forgot to top-up my modem load. So... yeah.

The quiet season of holidays means quiet season for tv series as well. No American Horror Story, no 2 Broke Girls, no Witches of East End.
It is indeed very quiet.
Lovely season to THINK and CROCHET.
I get to do both a lot lately and again, I am enjoying and loving it, until sometimes there are external disturbances. But I got over it.

Do I miss holding my trowel and skeletons?
Yes, I do.
But I do not think for once it is feasible to be done, right now... well, at least right now.
I know.
It would be a long time until I will be dealing with human skeletons again. Just not now.

Side note:
It's not that I finally grew some form of fear of skeletal remains.
I love skeletal remains.
It's just maybe I had taken the wrong side of the line to walk on - or grabbed the wrong career ladder to climb on.
Well, only my certificate can tell, but during the process, I lost my dignity and trust. 

Which comes to the point,
where in calmness, quietness, and crochet, I can find dignity and trust.
Don't you love the feeling when you look at your done-and-done projects?
Don't you feel a wee bit proud of yourself to have that accomplishment? 
I do.
With crochet, little by little I am trying to restore my kicked-out dignity. I am trying to be proud of myself again, with all the skills (well, they say it's my skill, while I say, it's just something that I like to do) that I have.

I have always considered crochet as a therapy that you don't have to pay for, especially if you have as much of yarn stash as I do. Hahahaha.
You would never guessed how much crocheting had helped me through down times and nervous breakdown. I won't even tell you, it's embarassing.
One thing I regret though:
that's like: STUPID!

Now that I am out of Europe (particularly the UK), I regained my old long lost love of yarns and crochet--- it's just ridiculous! How it is somehow difficult to find the RIGHT yarn!
But I am now very happy that I have found a local brand that suits my needs and fits to my liking. I mean, I have been their customer since I dont know when! Hahaha... Go to the right sidebar to find the link to their facebook fanpage site. :) It is in Bahasa Indonesia, and it is local, but it's THE BEST! I wish I could become their reseller someday. You know... branching out a bit.

I will stop ranting just right over here... It's just that I love the blog appearance so much now, and I cannot stop myself from typing and adding images to it, to make it prettier. As some people would say, "the other side of Dee."

I took a SLIM chance to move out of the city -- which might be executed sometimes in July or August--- I do not know what's coming to my plate in the future. All I know is that I am going to keep on crocheting.

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