A victim of do-over
written on Monday, 6 January 2014 @ 5:38 pm

TSK!! Didn't I told you about how you have to keep on counting the stitches you make with Tunisian crochet? Hahaha yeah, guess what? I did something expected: mistake of miscounting, resulting with de-stitching all of my half done scarf into this HUGE ball of yarn.

 all rolled up, ready to be re-did. this is a 200 grams yarn. yeah, crap indeed. i pulled them all- the whole TWO balls of yarn

Yeah, I'm ready! so I guess I now have to redo everything from the scratch and will definitely make sure that I keep meticulous stitch count!!

Okay, so I am using the Tulip aluminum size 10 hook to cast on the initial chain, and will be using aluminum 5.0 mm Tunisian hook for the rest of the project. I casted on 40 initial chains to begin, I should remember that during counting the stitches. Yes, indeed a bit wide, as I intended this to be some sort of warm scarf.

I will be doing the Tunisian knit stitch for the whole project. Why? Wouldn't it be boring? Well, I don't know, I guess that stitch has some sort of personal appeal to me, since I have FAILED big time in knitting. *laughs

Again, youtube had taught me this particular technique and I find it very easy - AS LONG AS  YOU KEEP ON COUNTING YOUR STITCHES! Please, do count your stitches. I did my mistake and I regret it big time that I had ignored counting the stitches. I mean, I was HALFWAY DONE yesterday.... and now I have to DO IT AGAIN. Oh, anyways, mistakes are always the best teacher, innit?

Above picture is the 40 chains I casted earlier (left image); and the other one is the beginning cast on stitches, all FORTY loops on hook (right image). I did count them! *smiles*

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