Friday, 31 January 2014

Awesome Puff Sofa Throw: Part 2

Here is the continuation to the process of this project. :) As usual, I make a collection of the first round to be attached to the next colour on the pattern. It's really quite fun, as I can practice making my treble crochet --I am still having problems with tensions on my treble crochet---.

On-Going Blocking
Plus, here's what I have been working on so far, and I decided to block the some of them on to my bed. I can leave them in place during the making of other squares, and take them off when I want to use the bed. Not practical maybe, but I have this urge to see how the throw would or should turn out to be after the final blocking. LOL. Impatient me!

So the throw would be 6 squares x 12 squares long, with 1 square equals to approximately 9 cm. See you in Part 3!