Destashing Day
written on Thursday, 23 January 2014 @ 7:18 am
In the effort to re-arrange my life into something more organised, I decided to destash my yarn collection and arrange them into piles of organised boxes. I hope my Mom gets the right white box that I want. I am planning to use the regular carton meal box people uses in food caterings. While waiting for the boxes, I made labels ready to print.

Simple basic Photoshop play in the morning :) 

Since there is a possibility for me to move pad in the near future, I just thought that it would be nice to be ready and to be prepared to pick all of these boxes and ship them all to the new pad. Maybe I am over-reaching, but I really need this move. Big time. I need my own pad, my own space - a QUIET space - while doing archaeology during the day, I can come home and relax and do crochet all afternoon through evening. Not much is going on in my social calendar, but it is a choice, not a peer-related issues pressed upon my shoulders. Hahahaha... and why am I telling you this? LOL.

Like I said, crochet is a therapy session for me therefore I treat it seriously. I would say that having to face the bullcrap of the world in the daily life is stressful, but who doesn't? Innit? I am very aware that I am not the only one, and this is my method and system to cope with that.

Image is taken from this blog
Ideally, I would love a space to put all of my crafty stuff in one corner. Kinda like the 'Cinderella corner'. I want to have a white table with sewing machine, a white shelf where all my yarns are stashed, and a cat. I will have those, when I have my ducks in a row I think ---. Nope, my ducks are not in a row at the moment. I have to get them in line.

The idea is from this sort of interior arrangements. I love how it is stashed with colours visible and easy to reach shelves. I do, however, have an empty cupboard with glass doors and windows which is empty now, due to my previous 'useless books' destashing, and I am planning to put the yarns there, replacing the useless books. Of course, I will put pics later in the day after I finished with arranging yarns.

More pictures below I got from PINTEREST and use it as inspiration for my future yarn studio. :)

Photo links to respective blogs where the images were taken from

Boxes are here!!!!

After one an a half hour of cutting and attaching the labels and stapling the boxes, I have come to realise that I have to remove some of the novels collection to another shelf before achieving that perfect yarn stash cupboard I wanted. LOL. There'd be a day for that tomorrow. Plus, my Mom only bought 10 boxes, and I have gajillion of yarns - which won't fit at all in only 10 boxes. But anyways, I have made 10, and quite satisfied on how they turned out. :) 

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