Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Knit Stitch: Part One

As part of my updates, instead of making it into one post, I am going to make several posts; because seriously--- it's going really slow now. I have distractions. I really want this one to be finished perfectly, not soon. So, I think I am just going to take the time...

I am into the 27th row now. Not bored at all. I feel like I can do this the whole week. Awesome! aaand... aaand... it's still on the count of 40 chains. Now why does it curls?

Every single tutorials and videos say that it's suppose to curl, that it is normal.
You see, this yarn that I am using proved that it curls less, rather than when I am doing Tunisian with fingering ply rayon or wool. This one is a big ply cotton, I think it is the same as 4-ply yarns (!?!?). Anyways, nevermind that--- I am just gonna keep going :)