Tutoriel sur le point d'entrelacs
written on Monday, 6 January 2014 @ 3:23 pm
I guess I thought it is proper to put that French title as the word 'entrelac' just zapped my brain into something French. Okay, after conquering the basic skill of Tunisian crochet, I challenged myself into learning another Tunisian-based stitches known as entrelacs. The first time I saw it, I thought it's going to be another, "oh crap, I can't do this...!" but I was wrong.

If there's one thing I learned from crocheting these whole years, crochet is the art that is very forgivable as you can just pull out the mistakes you make and re-do it again. Unlike, life, that is. *hinthint ; and I always thought that I can find something on youtube that would provide me with such lessons. and I did.. :) I basically learned everything from youtube.

This video made by Teresa Richardson is very well executed and it is very 'patient'. 44-minutes long and step-by-step and I just love how Teresa did the tutorial. Here's the video, also can be found in this website.

CROCHET ENTRELAC - Stitch Crochet Geek
(click on the vid to play, yeah?)

Watched the video and after a lot of pause and play clicked, I managed to made this:

I am using the yarns made by Benang RajutQ - a local Indonesian yarn brand - and my most favourite brand EVER - I am using plain-coloured big ply cotton (transl. Katun Big Ply Polos) KBP-8 and KBP-3, just to execute the trial process. I am not making anything out of this. With this size of yarn, I am using the Tulip aluminum hook size 10.

To do entrelac you will have to be able to execute Tunisian simple stitch and of course --- the ability to maintain COUNTING the stitches you are doing. No, seriously. I had to re-do so much because I miscounted at several points. LOL. But I managed!! There ya go:

YAAAY!! Okay, so I now, I will be able to make cute afghans or blankets or bedspreads :) Thanks, Teresa! :) Of course, I will be sure to post here when I manage to finish one.


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